Mantova Organic Pasta


Mantova Organic Spirali Pasta.

Mantova Organic Pasta is a new line of biological pasta, obtained from selected durum wheat grown in fields where advanced systems are used, guaranteeing a total absence of synthesis chemical substances in any stage of the production process. The wise choice of the best grains, the slow grinding, the long drying and a skilled handicraft guarantee a range of really biological products designed for those consumers who take care of their health and of the environmental defense; such result can only be obtained using natural methods and techniques.

We have chosen to work using the warranty of the mark USDA ORGANIC, governing body, officially recognized and authorized, regulating and controlling the production and transformation of biological products. It strictly checks and verifies all the different stages, from the choice of the fields to the seeding, up to the transformation and packaging, guaranteeing the most demanding clientele that natural, genuine and above all certified biological products are produced.


Organic wheat durum semolina.

Size 1lb

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