The Twice Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil - glass bottle.

By carefully selecting first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils we have created an Extar Virgin Olive Oil which is typical of great olive oils bottled fresh at the mill. Because it's unfiltered, the tiny bits of olive pulp which "cloud" the Extra Virgin Olive Oil give it a unique flavor profile like traditional home-made olive oil.Taste like "Olive Juice" it's rustic and pulpy profile creates a unrivalled fresh and fruity taste. Initially tasting almost sweet and buttery, it leaves a fruity and peppery sensation as after-taste. At its very best in the first few months (December-April), its full flavor allows it to be enjoyed everyday of the year: a truly unique condiment.

Romantic Packaging: in the galloncino bottle enhance the traditional image of this product. A non-drip pour spout makes it a great center piece for your table.

IngredientsUnfiltered extra virgin olive oil

Size Available
8.5 oz, 25.5 oz

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