The Twice Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavored olive oil is one of specialties of our company. We have started to produce flavored oils long time ago. 20 years ago everybody was using bottles of flavored oils for salad, meet, fish, pizza, pasta and other dishes. Today most of them are offered in fancy expensive bottles to be as ornament on our kitchen.

A line of balanced blends of herbs and spices in high quality extra virgin olive oil designed to make cooking of your favorite dishes easier.

Easy to use: specific blends are available for use in different recipes.

Always ready and fresh: because the herbs and spices are packed in quality extra virgin olive oil, quality and convenience are guaranteed.

Attractive and convenient packaging: packed in traditional jug type bottles with no-drop pour spouts and great labels, this line offers a very attractive shelf presence with ingredients visible in the oil.

The flavors offered provide enhancement for a wide range of foods from tasty dips for crusty breads and vegetables to pizzas, grilled entrees, sauces, salad dressings, pastas and recipes that deserve this line of secret ingredients.

We always are trying to be innovative and offer to public more choices as show our list of flavored oils. Recently we are offering more and more choices:

* Flavored extra virgin olive oil

* Flavored olive oil

* Flavored organic extra virgin olive oil

* Flavored grape seed oil

* Flavored blended oil (olive oil, canola, sunflower)

* Flavored organic sun flower

     Is not only variety of flavors that make our offer interesting but also other factors:

* Variety of flavors

* Variety of bottles

* Flavored with spices or without spices

* Size of bottles

Our oils are available for private label with minimum one pallet.



  Variety of flavors:  

Truffle delight




Hot pepper


Pizza & Pizza

Pasta & Sugho





Porcini Mushroom




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