Mantova Organic Products


What working exclusively and fully dedicated for the development of the distribution of its products, Fine Italian Food represent the North American branch of Compagnia Alimentare Italiana, owner of Mantova brands and manufacturing organization.

In June 2000, the former Mantova's organization and Umbria Olli S.p.A entered into a partnership, launching Compagnia Alimentare Italiana . The Mantova's organization has the honor and the commitment to continue one hundred years of tradition and holding an unparallel experience in the production of quality olive oils. Umbria Olii S.p.A (Spoleto) is among the strongest in the Mediterranean industrial olive oil market; it aims to support the Mantova's with industrial and financial resources. Together they form a complementary force, with common intents to develop Compagnia Alimentare Italiana by continuing building a successful "premium quality" leadership position in the international Italian food market. Recently Compagnia Alinetare Italiana has obtained BRC certificate (British retailer consortium) one of the highest levels of quality control certifications.

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