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What working exclusively and fully dedicated for the development of the distribution of its products, Fine Italian Food represent the North American branch of Compagnia Alimentare Italiana, owner of Mantova brands and manufacturing organization.

In June 2000, the former Mantova's organization and Umbria Olli S.p.A entered into a partnership, launching Compagnia Alimentare Italiana . The Mantova's organization has the honor and the commitment to continue one hundred years of tradition and holding an unparallel experience in the production of quality olive oils. Umbria Olii S.p.A (Spoleto) is among the strongest in the Mediterranean industrial olive oil market; it aims to support the Mantova's with industrial and financial resources. Together they form a complementary force, with common intents to develop Compagnia Alimentare Italiana by continuing building a successful "premium quality" leadership position in the international Italian food market. Recently Compagnia Alinetare Italiana has obtained BRC certificate (British retailer consortium) one of the highest levels of quality control certifications.


The Mantova Family began their business in 1905 in Broccostella, about 100 km south of Rome. In the beginning it dedicated itself to the trading of a vast variety of agricultural products made locally in its region. Between the 50's and the 80's the family focused its attention on developing into one of the leading manufacturers of quality olive oils. In the 90's the Family redesigned the strategy, its almost centenary company, thus aiming at the enlargement of its product span in order to include all the essential elements of the Italian cuisine.


We value knowledge handed down to us and are mindful of our potential. Every day we actively strive to progress, reaffirm ourselves and realize ambitious goals.

We are highly experienced in the framework in which we operate; nevertheless, our true strength derives from the attention that we instinctively focus on the future and the outstanding opportunities that it holds, as we pursue our role as inventors of innovatory realities.

It is a fundamental company prerogative to surpass routine business affairs, as we aspire to establish a profound human understanding with all our clients, capable of generating extraordinary results.

We strongly appreciate the importance of quality, understanding such as essential value, which, from our perspective, can only be achieved through a skilful optimization of all resources including rigorous cost control in order to attain optimum results for all parties.


We wish to uphold a strong and clear position in the international olive oil market which forms our traditional business core.

We wish to evolve and prosper in the dynamic natural, Healthy and "ready to use" product market.

We wish to offer our increasing number of consumers' quality, creativity and utmost genuinely in their daily diet


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