The Twice Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Some say it's enough to be bottled in Italy to be Italian,others say it's enough that brand be Italian.

First and foremost We say it must be made with Italian olives, pressed and bottled in Italy to be Italian.

Secondly, We say there must be the Italian art of taste selection and blending to make it a premium Italian.

Mantova- Italian Golden, The Twice Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil history, production, grades, how to taste Extra Virgin and other tips
Extra virgin olive oil news: Let introduce Fats...and Facts
Difference of Italian extra virgin olive oil is in taste. Try our Mantova Golden, 100% Italian extra virgin.
How to make bruschetta using Grand'Aroma Bruschettata flavored oil


Olive Oil, Olivella soap, diet and beauty.

Olive oil acid "cuts cancer risk". Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil seems to cut the risk of developing breast cancer.

The Mediterranean diet pyramid. FDA suggests: Use two tablespoons of olive oil daily.

Fine Italian Food recipe: Italian pasta recipe

Watch Chef Joe Ciminera cook with our Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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New gift ideas:see our lattest olive oil bottles and products.Mantova Organic pasta, Mantova Organic extra virgin olive oil and flavored olive oil.

" Mantova " Organic pasta , imported from Italy. This pasta made with genuin durum wheat semolina, is dried at low temperature to protect nutriation quality.

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